Seattle Pond Of Blue Goose

  Character, Charity, & Fellowship

           Seattle Pond of The Honorable Order Of Blue Goose, International       


        Welcome to the Seattle Pond of Blue Goose! 

We are part of an international organization that has over a century of tradition and history.  There are ponds and puddles located all over the United States and Canada.  We are a professional organization of people in the field of insurance and related industries and offer education, networking, and charitable giving opportunites to our members. 

We meet once a month for a dinner meeting, where we enjoy socializing with our fellow "ganders", having a nice meal with friends, and are kept up to date on future activities, conventions, etc. of our pond and our "Grand Nest".   We offer fellowship, involvement, at your own pace and/or choice, in charity, and the opportunity to meet others with "like" interests.

Blue Goose is one of the only professional organizations that is family-oriented and gives members a chance to include their families in conventions and activities.  Our pond has several social events, such as golf tournaments, in addition to our regular meetings and we participate in various charity-oriented activities, such as The Forgotten Children, Special Olympics, and food drives.  

We welcome new members and hope that you will visit us at one of our meetings.